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"One day the windows went to the supermarket and bought

some legs and then they walked to Chocolate Island."

little babble started out as a hobby for our creative scribbling director Clive, but after hearing those words babbled by his then three year old, little babble was born.


As the babbles kept coming Clive decided to start collecting them and bring them to life for his family and close friends. As word got around of how happy they made people feel, he decided to help everyone hang a little babble on their wall (and make them very happy). 


little babble has continued to be inspired by Clive’s own babbling children who entertain him constantly with their inquisitive little minds,

and have contributed to many of our favourite babbles. 


Clive currently lives in Sydney Australia with his beautiful wife, two babbling children, two pug dogs and a long list of little babbles he is in the process of creating.

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